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Prof. Dr. Dr. Ruediger G.H. Baumeister

Prof. für Chirurgie, spez. Mikrochirurgie
Ludwig Maximilians Universität München


Prof. Dr. Dr. Baumeister

Prof. Baumeister is a pionier in the field of lymphology. In 1980, he  performed for the first time  lymphatic grafting clinically worldwide. 

He was elected as president of the International Society of Lymphology (ISL) and the Society of German Speaking  Lymphologists. He is vice president of the European Society of Lymphology.

He is  an author of multiple scientific books and articles especially in the field of lymphology.

Since 2011 Prof. Baumeister is working as consultant in lymphology and microsurgery at the Chirurgische Klinik Muenchen Bogenhausen in Munich and the Urologische Klinik Muenchen Planegg.


Lymphsystem und Lymphoedem

Lymphatic vascular system is an organ system that carry a clear fluid called "lymph" back to circulary system.​ The system consists of large network of lymphatic capillatries, lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels.

Obstructed or compromised lymphatic vascular system can cause lymphedema.



​Bypassing vascular obstructions is a successful method in vascular surgery. Only thanks to advanced microsurgical methods, the patients own lymphatic vessels can be used as grafts to bypass obstructed lymphatic pathways. Based on extensive experimental studies it was shown that the method is very effective in patients suffering from lymphedema. Long term patency  even more than 10 years after the surgery was shown. The function of the grafts could be measured by lymphoscintigraphic studies. these revealed that normal lymphatic transport could be reached by lymphatic grafts.

Lymphatic Vessel Grafting
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